Grade 6 Mr. Petto

Welcome to Grade 6

Students in Grade 6 enjoy the complete use of the lower floor facilities for their class day: Digital classroom, Science Lab and Eagle's Nest plus individual lavatories for boys and girls.  Grade 6 also uses lockers for their books and belongings storage.  

Students have a full academic day of high school prep courses including the following subjects:  

Math Mr. Martinez
Science Mrs. Rahmlow
Literature/Reading Mr. Mormile
Social Studies Mr. Petto
Art Mrs. Iannone
Language Arts/Vocab. Mrs. Whalen
Spanish Mr. John Petto
Religion & Music Mr. Jason Alderuccio
Physical Education Mr. Joseph O'Neill

Students participate in the annual IOWA standardized testing.  For test results from the Archdiocese of Hartford please click on this link.

Our Curriculum Standards - All subjects are taught using curriculum standards developed by the Archdiocese of Hartford.  Our standards align with and exceed the Common Core used in Connecticut.  Visit the Office of Catholic Schools website to download and review a copy of our curriculum standards: