Foreign Language

St. John the Evangelist School has a wonderful Foreign Language instruction program taught by the school's Principal, Mr. John Petto.   Mr. Petto taught Spanish for over twenty years at Holy Cross High School.  St. John the Evangelist School foreign language program is taught with a focus on communication, cultural appreciation and connections to various aspects of our elementary school curriculum.  Research indicates that teaching a foreign language at the elementary school level has great benefits.  The brain is at its optimum ability to learn foreign language sounds.  Students that understand basic foreign language skills demonstrate greater mental flexibility and creativity and develop a greater openness to other cultures at a young age.  St. John the Evangelist School understands that including foreign language in the school's curriculum reinforces student's listening, speaking, reading, writing skills.  It develops good study habits and each student learns appreciation of various cultures and their traditions.   

The instruction of Spanish begins in Grade 6  By the end of grade 8, students will have completed a course equivalent to a Spanish 1 course in high school.  At the end of the eighth grade year, students will be prepared to take a proficiency test administered by the accepting high school.  Based on the results of this achievement test, students will have the necessary skills to begin with the Spanish 2 course during the freshman year of high school.