Cross Country Running

Established as a team sport at St. John School more than 25 years ago, cross-country running is the largest team sport we offer.  Our program is inclusive and encourages kids to work towards their personal best in everything they do.  

Success as a St. John the Evangelist cross-country runner is simple.  The coaches have only 4 rules.  "Eat good food, drink plenty of water, listen to your mother and father and get adequate sleep."  What do those rules have to do with running you may ask?  Everything!  Because what you do in sports should carry over into your personal life.

Components of cross-country running include distance training and keeping in good physical shape to tackle challenging courses each week. 

Runners of all abilities are welcome on the St. John the Evangelist cross-country team.

PRACTICES: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - 2:30-3: 30 pm at Veterans Park, Watertown unless there is a race or other scheduled change.

PRACTICES on ½ days of school: 12:30-1:30 at Veteran’s Park.


9 a.m. Hill workout at Hollow Road in Watertown.

*All students should provide their own transportation to practices and races.


Our team competes in races against local middle school teams from Waterbury, Naugatuck, Woodbury, Southbury, Prospect, Thomaston, Cheshire, and Middlebury.

We also compete in the annual Eli Terry Middle School Championships, Taft Rhino Run (established by former SJS runner ’09 and Taft runner ‘13 Sara Iannone), McGee Middle School Championships, and CT Middle School State Championships

St. John XC also developed and hosts the annual Pumpkin Chase Invitational, an exciting end of season race featuring more than 250 local runners ages 8-14.  The Invitational is organized by SJS volunteers and held at Veteran’s Park.  A Halloween theme permeates the race-course, adding a festive touch.  The park is filled with spectators who come to celebrate the hard work and talent of many young athletes from across Connecticut.