Welcome - Congratulations Class of 2018!

St. John School Class of 2018

Dear Prospective Family,

We are delighted that you are taking the time to look at our school.  St. John School is part of the network of schools of the Archdiocese of Hartford.  We offer a rigorous academic curriculum, infused with Catholic social teachings for students in Grades PK-8.  Our teaching is rooted in the basic skills and enriched with innovative programs that prepare students for high school, college, career, and life.  Our school community is warm and inviting and extends to many area towns.

Our students and graduates are open-minded, resourceful and enthusiastic learners who move forward as thoughtful, self-reliant and caring citizens.  We value the importance of character, discipline, and respect for others. Our classrooms and our activities emphasize the dignity of each individual.  We encourage curiosity and believe the arts can make you smarter.  For St. John School students perseverance is emphasized as the path to success in school and in life.  Our teaching standards align with and exceed the Common Core.

Please take the time to meet our teachers and speak with current and alumni families.  Consider a shadow day for your child to allow them to investigate first hand what we have to offer.  Explore our Viewbook to read in more detail about our offerings.

We hope that you and your family will join our vibrant community!


Reverend Anthony Smith                Marylou Walsh-Iannone

Pastor/Priest Director                      Principal

Private tours are available by appointment.  For more information, please call the Main Office at (860) 274-9208 or email Marylou W. Iannone, Principal, miannone@stjohnwtn.org 

Early Childhood

At St. John the Evangelist School, the early childhood program includes Pre-Kindergarten three-year-old and four-year-old program and Kindergarten. Our Pre-Kindergarten program consists of half-day (8:00 am-11:15 am) or full day for three-year-olds and full day for four-year-olds (8:00 am-2:15 pm). Teachers minister to the whole child both spiritually and intellectually.  Students are exposed to a variety of activities that stimulate interest and development in social, emotional, physical, technological and academic growth.  Our programs are guided by the Early Childhood  Educational Standards as prescribed by the Office of Catholic Schools.

Elementary Grades 1-3

The curriculum on grades 1-3 is all inclusive.  Basic skills in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science/Health and Social Studies are introduced.  In addition to the basic curriculum, students also participate in Music, Art, and Physical Education classes.  

Language Arts

In order to function well in today's society, it is necessary to develop communication skills which are effective as well as correct. It is also necessary to know when to use such skills. Language that is clear, dynamic, imaginative and creative facilitates communication and allows the student to participate more fully in society.

World Language

The World Language program at Saint John the Evangelist School consists of Spanish offered to students in grades 1-8. Emphasis is placed on the development of the four essential skills of language: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.  


Saint John the Evangelist School offers an accelerated math track in Grades 7- 8.  Students who perform well in math in Grade 6 may be invited to study Pre-Algebra in Grade 7 and then continue on to study Algebra in Grade 8.  Fellow students in Grade 7 and 8 follow a track of grade level math in Grade 7 and Pre-Algebra in Grade 8.  The goal of the Kindergarten to Grade 8 Mathematics curriculum is to give all students the opportunity to appreciate the full power and value of Mathematics and to acquire the mathematical knowledge and intellectual tools necessary for its use in their lives. The Mathematics curriculum is guided by the findings of the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).


Reading is the link between the past, present, and future. Students' lives are shaped by stories of heroes, everyday happenings, and what lies ahead. Their beliefs and feelings are encouraged or challenged through reading and they become independent searchers of the truth. As social beings, we need to be able to communicate with others and reading is one of the ways we can learn to communicate well. Students who become independent readers will embrace a lifelong pursuit of learning and enjoyment.

Religious Formation

The purpose of the Religion Curriculum is to prepare students to proclaim the Good News and to translate this proclamation into action. The curriculum encourages social reform through the guidance of Christian values.

The following is a summary of the overall objectives of the Religion Curriculum:

1. To develop an awareness of God as Creator and humankind as His Creation.

2. To nurture a personal response to the call of Jesus in everyday living.

3. To foster a Gospel sense of love and respect which accepts responsibility for one's actions.

4. To develop a knowledge and appreciation of Christ as Mediator between God and humankind.

5. To develop an understanding of the Kingdom of God which is the central theme of Jesus' life and teaching.

6. To develop a sense of dedication to building up the Kingdom through service to humankind.

7. To teach students to know and recognize the Church as Christ present in the world today.

8. To develop in each student an awareness of his/her own dignity as a person and of the dignity of all people.

9. To develop a sense of hope in eternal life.

10. To develop an awareness in students that the concerns of the poor are our own.

Social Studies

Social Studies provides students with an awareness of our limited natural resources and the international need to develop ways to conserve these resources for future generations.

Social Studies will enrich the lives of students through knowledge of the multi-cultured world in which they live, a greater appreciation of our planet and it's resources, an understanding of past governments and a commitment toward planning for future generations.


The health curriculum is presented to students in grades K-8. Family Life is the main focus of our Health Program. The major priority of a Christian Health Program today is the preservation of the pupil's understanding that human life is one of God's greatest gifts. Recognizing this priority, teachers need to guide young people in their discovery of personal feelings, values, and respect for their bodies. Students must learn that health is a state of physical, mental, and social well being, all interacting with each other. Students must also be taught that heredity and environment can influence health. The students should choose healthful actions based on the knowledge gained through instruction. These choices will contribute to a high level of "wellness".


The Music program at Saint John School is offered to grades K-8. Music is an important part of our cultural heritage. A music curriculum should satisfy the same aesthetic and emotional needs that created our heritage. Students must be provided with opportunities to enjoy and understand music by participating in quality activities. The development of skills in listening to, performing, and reading music will help our students to become discriminating participants in, and appreciators of music. It will also contribute to richer lives, fuller participation in the Eucharist and a greater understanding of our culture.

Physical Education

Physical Education is an important part of the physical and social development of each individual. A physical education curriculum should attempt to satisfy the physical and social needs of each individual student. Students must be provided with the opportunities to develop physical skills in specific sports as well as the corresponding social skills. The development of physical skills gives students increasing self-confidence as they grow in muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. Social skills are learned in organized games, team playing and guidance toward good sportsmanship. These skills will contribute to the molding of physically and socially competent Christians.


The Art program at Saint John School is offered to all our students from Kindergarten to Grade 8. Work is displayed throughout the school year. The main purpose of the Art curriculum is to encourage students to develop a sense of their own creation through a love of art. It helps to give them a greater sense of who they are.  Students will be challenged to explore art in two and three-dimensions, to sculpt, paint, draw and design original pieces using a variety of materials.  Each year, students in Grades 5-8 also spend time exploring art history including noted artists and periods in art - Impressionism, Primitive Art, Pop Art, American Illustration.  Field trips to museums, presentations by guest artists and professionals in the fields of architecture and engineering and other extracurricular activities further enhance the art offering at St. John School.


Science classes in Grades Five through Eight are offered four days per week.  The fifth day is set aside for the instruction of Health.  A mix of Life, Physical and Earth Science comprises the curriculum for Grades Five and Six. Grade Seven focuses on Life Science, from the processes of single-celled organisms to those of complex, many-celled organisms.  Grade Eight studies Physical Science, stressing the crucial concepts of matter and energy.  In the Spring, Grades Seven and Eight participate in the school's Science Fair, with each student presenting a project to an independent judging committee.  At each level, critical thinking and use of a logical, fact-based approach to problem-solving are encouraged.

Extended Care Programs

The Before School Program begins at 6:45 a.m. and ends at 7:45 a.m. every school day. This program is designed for busy parents and the need to provide a safe nurturing place that children can feel comfortable, do homework or just visit with friends before the school day begins. The Before School Program is a great solution for working families. The After School Program at St. John the Evangelist School is a service that is provided for students who need to remain in school beyond the 2:15 p.m. dismissal.  The program operates every school day from 2:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  This is a structured program that allows for a short snack time, homework time and recess time that promotes exercise and socialization.  All students in the program are encouraged to interact with each other allowing the older students to guide and help the younger ones.  There is a daily charge for each service.